Jamf and Product Issues – we’ve got a list!

Nothing in this world is perfect, and the same goes for EMM solutions (and this is fine – we’re only human after all). With Jamf, if you open a support case, it may sometimes end with no resolution, but instead you’re given a PI or D number – which means that an issue or defect has been identified with the product and logged.

Admins generally feel that an aggregated list of these issues is useful to them when they’re troubleshooting certain situations – it’s a good sanity check, for example – e.g. “ahh it’s not just me!”.

Edit: Graham Pugh pointed out that the Jamf release notes have had a list of PIs and Ds and we went back in time to see this has been happening for a while (although the current 10.9.0 list seems to be more complete now – I say “more complete”, but it doesn’t list every PI or D). The listings appear to have changed somewhat over time though. Since version 10.5.0, we saw the following stated: PIs and Ds affecting the current version are now in bold and we’re only seeing those that meet the minimum system requirements for Jamf Pro and that have a high impact.

Until now, on the MacAdmins Slack, we’ve had the #jamf-bugs channel. This is a community maintained resource where people voluntarily post PI and D numbers they’re given along with their descriptions. In effect, this creates a searchable “database”. Because of its nature, the channel lists PIs and Ds that don’t appear in the official listings from Jamf as they can be posted by anyone, irrespective of the impact they’ve had.

Yesterday, a new unannounced link appeared in your JamfNation Account, in the My Assets section:



Note that you’ve got to be signed in to view the content of that page, which contains a comprehensive list of PI numbers and descriptions (hint hint – it would also be great to see D numbers too please :-)).

Thank you Jamf for providing this valuable resource – I for one am a very happy admin because of it, and I’m sure there are many more!

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