The Great Adobe Purge of 2019 – a helping hand with Autopkg

Before we begin…

Read this:

Then read that:

Then realise that the macOS “package” Adobe provides is actually a zip file that contains this lot:

…which means admins need to do work to deliver and run this on our endpoints. 😦

Here are a couple of Autopkg recipes I put together to try and make things a bit easier:

Downloads – probably not that useful by itself.


Builds an installer package from that downloaded zip archive that does the following:

  • Installs the contents of the downloaded zip archive to a temporary location (/private/tmp).
  • Runs a postinstall script that calls the AdobeCCUninstaller binary to do the needful.
  • Takes the output from AdobeCCUninstaller and shoves it into a date and timestamped log here:

AdobeCCUninstaller also generates/appends to a bunch of extremely verbose logs in /Library/Logs/Adobe/Installers for each app that it attempts to uninstall. However, I found its actual output to be more useful for the following reasons:

  • It starts with a list of all the apps it’s going to try and uninstall.
  • It ends with a summary of what it has and hasn’t uninstalled.
  • It’s easy to read and understand, which makes it quick to identify failures for individual apps.

To use my Autopkg recipes:

My Autopkg recipe repo can be found at if you wish to inspect my recipes before running them (which I strongly recommend you do!).

autopkg repo-add neilmartin83-recipes
autopkg run AdobeUninstallUnauthorizedVersions.pkg
  • Grab the resultant .pkg file from your Autopkg cache directory. The default location would be ~/Library/AutoPkg/Cache/com.github.neilmartin83.pkg.AdobeUninstallUnauthorizedVersions
  • Profit.

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