Adobe Shared Device Licensing – the 90 minute sign-in reminder is dead!

A major pain point of Adobe’s new Shared Device Licensing (SDL) is was a dialog that would appear 90 minutes following sign-in to a Creative Cloud application. This dialog would prompt the user to confirm that they were still themselves, offering the option to sign-out or continue.

It would also interrupt background processing and rendering in applications like After Effects and Premiere Pro. This impacts people in environments where they would quite reasonably leave a video render churning away overnight, for example. I support shared-use video edit suites where students do this.

On 2019-08-23, Adobe announced, via this forum thread, that the infamous dialog is no more! Although the official Shared Device Licensing Deployment Guide is now out of date as it still has an FAQ that mentions it…

Even better, is this appears to apply to installations that pre-date the announcement. I tested it specifically with Premiere Pro 13.1.4 and Photoshop 20.0.4 and an SDL “license only” package I created in July. For those playing at home, the Creative Cloud Desktop App (CCDA) was the current version, having auto-updated itself. I left the applications open for over 90 minutes. The dialog did not appear during app usage or if I closed and re-opened an app. It didn’t come back when opened a different Creative Cloud app either.

Thank you, Adobe!

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