Updating macOS – A Nudge in the right direction – slides

I was stoked to present at the 2021 Penn State University MacAdmins Campfire sessions today!

After reviewing current methods of installing macOS software updates (softwareupdate, MDM commands and configuration profiles) and exploring their limitations the bulk of this presentation focused on how to deploy and configure Nudge; a utility written by Erik Gomez that persistently guides users to the System Preferences Software Update pane with varying levels of “persuasion”.

Thank you to everyone who attended and special thanks to the people at Penn State for organising the event!

Watch the video below:

Click here to download the slides!


3 thoughts on “Updating macOS – A Nudge in the right direction – slides”

  1. Hi what’s happened to your riding motorbikes? Is that all done now? I used to follow back when I had a cbf125. See my comments on your bike blog.


    1. Hey Phil, thank you for following for all these years and I hope you are well!

      Sadly that chapter of my life came to a close, for now… Sold the CBF and switched to the train for commuting I think in 2014/15. Now my career has transitioned to working from home since 2019 and my wife passed her driving test last year so as a family we have wheels and I remain bike-less.

      I miss riding and tinkering on the bike a lot but at the same time it was getting too much and I didn’t have enough time to spread between that, my family and my work so something had to give. Recently, I have also had some other positive life events/changes I am really thinking about blogging/presenting on soon (related to health and well-being – to give it away, I’ve basically lost over 90lbs in under a year) – I’m just not sure how much interest there would be or how to put it into a format that might be interesting if you know what I mean. But a lot of my real life friends and colleagues have told me how inspiring this journey has been for them which in turn is lighting a spark for me to share it with the world in this way…


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